The Coaching Institute trains and certifies coaches in the coaching skills needed to help clients grow in their personal and professional lives. We also train leaders in the corporate environment. And we train and certify coaches in the business skills needed to help them build successful coaching practices.

We offer two training curricula:

  1. Self-learning through home study package which includes Coach Training Guidebooks.
  2. VIP Coaching Program, which combines self-learning and one-on-one mentoring by a Certified Comprehensive CoachSM who trained and studied and was mentored directly by Dr. Terri Levine.

The Coaching Institute was such an exciting program to go through as you have so many ways to learn. There is the manual, the recorded classes from Terri, the forum, your coach, and even the wonderful friendships you build as being a part of the Coaching Institute. It is an awesome experience! You will want to be a part of this if you are becoming a coach or even to build continued coaching skills!

- Laura Johnson
Richardson, TX, Graduate & Mentor

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