Our Coaching Institute Graduates
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Name: Yasmin Abouelhassan

Your previous job:

Sales Management of Medical Equipment & Supplies.

How long did you work there?

12 years

What was your position?

Deputy Department Manager

When/why did you decide to learn coaching?

Jan 2005

What symptoms did you have that prompted this career change decision?

My previous job seemed boring, unexciting any more, not as challengeable as it used to be for me. I wanted a bigger mission. I felt I have a role towards society. I felt that my heart is for people and for their welfare. I saw that all companies and managers are focusing on the employees’ excellence at the job and not giving attention to their personal lives or challenges, I was giving them this attention but I wanted to have better impact on them, to empower them, to let them take their own decisions. I wanted this to be on solid educational basis not only feelings and interest so I decided to study coaching. Through my study, every day my desire for this career grew bigger and bigger till I knew that this is what I really want to do for the rest of my life. I want to have a career that can extend, be flexible, have fun, interaction, value, on-going education and growth.

What skills now benefit you and/or your company?

Listening, not judging, accepting others’ truth, appreciation, finding people greatness and celebrating it, growing people, celebrating every step forward even if it was tiny.

What do I do as a coach?

Since in Egypt (my country) this is a brand new career, so my role here is a little different. My major challenge is to gain people’s trust so they can start talking, to introduce the concept so they can try, then they can see the benefit. I listen to my clients deeply, I help them understand themselves, define their goals, prioritize them. The most important part is helping them to cross the fears barriers that keep them from taking action. I grow my clients to be empowered and to take control over their lives.

Any other comments or examples you want to mention regarding how your training at The Coaching Institute has changed/benefited your life and/or career and those around you?

In simple words, now I am happy, I feel empowered; I feel I have a lot of Love inside me that can extend to the world. The training was full of variation, interaction, resources, fast pace which I adore. Terri passion for coaching and for training can ignite our passion for action and growth. The feeling of belonging to a loving and caring family. The idea of having a mentor through the training and the choice of great mentors (for me Leta Beam was great). I can go on for years..In brief: The structure, material and variation, team..this is a rich training and a classy institute.

If somebody has a question and wants to email you to ask personally – can they?

Yes, sure. My e-mail addresses are:

My websites are:

Coach Yasmin