Is Coach Training Right For YOU?

  • Do you want a home-based business?
  • Do you want to learn at home?
  • Are you busy and need something that will adhere to your schedule?
  • Do you want a to earn a certification in a year or less?
  • Do you want a program that is flexible and tailored to your lifestyle and learning style?
  • Do you want to be a world renowned Certified Comprehensive CoachSM?

This program provides a quick way to learn all you need to operate and market a coaching business. Through individualized learning and a customized training program, busy people can quickly learn all the skills they need to be expert coaches and make great incomes in the coaching business.

The curriculum at The Coaching Institute was designed for several people:

  • Individuals with no coaching experience – we offer a series of products, packages and programs focusing on the issues and concepts that are fundamental to starting a coaching practice. Our curriculum is the most thorough coach training program available covering all of the areas necessary to succeed (coaching skills as well as business and marketing skills and knowledge).
  • People with current coaching practices who are looking to create better outcomes – since our program leaves nothing out, this is the place to learn the skills and information you missed elsewhere.
  • Corporate managers and executives who want to be more effective leaders – through our variety of products, packages and programs, we teach the skills necessary to lead successful corporations. You can be the best asset your company has when you learn these skills.
  • Consultants or professional services providers who want to provide additional services in their already established businesses (such as consultants, therapists, massage therapists, chiropractors, copywriters, trainers, speakers, etc.) Coaching skills can enhance your success in other areas such as these.

My experience with The Coaching Institute has been ever so super. I would never have been able to quit my high paying consulting job if it weren’t for you Terri and all the supportive students at The Coaching Institute.

- Dolores Arste
Middle Grove, NY, Student

Meet Real People Who Created Successful Coaching Businesses:

If you are still unsure whether coaching is for you, it might help to read about real people who took our program and went on to be successful coaches. Do you have anything in common with these people?

  • Mick Mickler is disabled. Being dependant on his wheelchair, he was forced to retire from his previous career. He had to find a job he could do from his home, that would be easy, that would let him use his mind rather than his body, and that pays well.
  • Cheryl Sinclair worked for 20 years in the corporate world. When she decided to go out on her own, she struggled with what to do, what to call herself, and how to profit from her past experiences. She needed a program that would allow her to tap into the knowledge of other successful business owners.
  • Monty Sharp was employed as a Rehabilitation Program Manager for a large health care company. While he was still at the top of his game, he still felt lost and almost hopeless. As he climbed the corporate ladder, he questioned more and more why he had worked so hard. He wanted to contribute to something that felt more meaningful.
  • Laura Terrebonne was laid off as a speech-language pathologist and she didn’t know what to do to survive. After 10 years, she felt embarrassed, humiliated and lost, not knowing how to start all over again. She needed someone to take her by the hand and help her along.

Each of these people reached a point where they wanted – or needed – a new career. And they each found it in the same place. They all went into our training program and became successful coaches.

  • Mick Mickler works from his wheelchair. He says he is now making more money than ever before. He’s ecstatic!
  • Cheryl Sinclair wrote, “My training at The Coaching Institute has enabled me to put all my years of experience in working for companies into the success of my own coaching company. I feel I have an extraordinary life with an extremely fulfilling, limitless career!
  • Monty Sharp wrote, “I now own my own growing coaching practice and I LOVE what I do! The training I have received from The Coaching Institute has opened up for me new and exciting possibilities I had never really considered. It awakened skills that I possessed but that had been dormant. The exceptional teaching faculty both challenged and supported me every step of the process. Becoming a coach through The Coaching Institute was the very best career move I ever made.”
  • Laura Terrebonne smiles as she says, “I am quickly approaching $100,000/year. I live in small-town, USA, work from home and love my new career.”

You can follow their path, too.

Maybe you were just laid off from work.

Maybe you’re ready for a career change.

Maybe you’re feeling a nudge from within to do something else.

Maybe you love helping people and want to do that for a living.

Maybe for some reason you need to work from your home.

Or maybe you simply realize you would love to make money in your own business, working from the comfort of your own home, being your own boss, and helping people achieve their dreams – while they gladly pay you well for your service.

If any of the above describes you, consider becoming a certified coach. It’s a leading-edge career of the future. It’s a way of being that allows you to work your own hours while you help people attain their goals. It’s challenging, fun, profitable, and rewarding. And you can work it part-time, or full-time. It’s up to you.

This is the career I am passionate about – I know it’s my life purpose. The Coaching Institute training is amazing and my mentor keeps me on track. Thank you for giving us so much!

- Christine Brogan
Phoenix, Arizona, Graduate

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