Who We Train

At The Coaching Institute, we train the following individuals:

For The Aspiring Coach Starting a Successful Coaching Practice:

Our Coach Training programs and products help new coaches start successful coaching practices rapidly as they develop a broad range of important coaching and business skills. Our programs provide you with the ability to:

  • Learn Only What You Need to Learn
    Don’t be backed into a “curriculum corner” if all you want to learn is a specific skill or technique. Your former knowledge, work experience and training all count here. Nothing redundant is taught to you.
  • Confidence
    Nothing can be as daunting as starting out in a new direction. We’ll help you gain the confidence you need to take on that big challenge successfully.
  • Direct Access to Faculty and Staff
    The VIP mentoring program includes access to a mentor to learn from an experienced coach who has been there and done that and is anxious to help you succeed. It also includes access to forums to engage with other students as well. The home study and VIP mentoring programs do include direct access to Terri Levine’s office as well.
  • Useful Templates
    With our curriculum and products come a wealth of templates, forms and models that work and you can use them to save time and efforts, and to insure you find, attract and satisfy your clients.
  • Sales & Marketing Methodologies
    If you’re a great coach with no clients, you can’t be successful. Here, you’ll learn from many of the most successful coaches who make incredible incomes in their coaching businesses. And from Terri Levine’s own seven figure coaching business.

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I did not even know that there was a way through my confusion of career pathways, until I became a part of The Coaching Institute. I have grown in professional confidence and strength far beyond the lessons taught in the virtual classroom. Terri’s own experience and integrity as well as her unparalleled curriculum-driven training have ignited a flame of passion and intention within me, which even my graduate school training could not do.

- Melissa Williams
Graduate, Boise, ID

Helping Current Working Coaches Grow

If you are already working as a coach The Coaching Institute’s programs can help you take your clients to to the next level, attract higher paying clients and grow your coaching business so you have more clients and more profits fast. You can take your existing business to new levels with the following:

  • Sell-Without-Selling Methods
    Learn to turn your coaching business into an automated profit machine while making a real difference in your client’s lives.
  • Direct Access to Faculty and Staff
    Learn with a personal mentor trained by Terri Levine, engage in coaching forums with other students and access Terri Levine’s office for support.
  • Field Tested and Proven Methods
    Learn coaching techniques and processes proven time and again by coach alumni of The Coaching Institute that have clients making great gains. Clients will stay longer and refer more, too!
  • Sales and Marketing Methodologies
    Learn from our own knowledge and experience, and from the combined community of scores of successful coaches who have put The Coaching Institute’s curriculum to work for them as well as from one of the highest paid coaches in the world who makes a real difference to her clients, Terri Levine.
  • Profit Growth
    Profit is the fuel that powers your ability to satisfy clients. You can’t run a successful coaching practice without making a profit. The Coaching Institute programs teach you how to grow a sustainable and profitable revenue stream.
  • Problem-Solving skills
    Develop a level of self-reliance that allows you to deal with business, business development and client relations problems whenever they arise.

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Building Stronger Work Teams

The Coaching Institute helps small and large companies create more positive, more productive, and more profitable work environments by teaching leaders how to stop managing and start coaching for success. Coaching skills include:

  • Develop a Culture of Co-Creation
    The direction of your team can transform into a sharing of thoughts and approaches to co-create purpose and action.
  • The Alignment Process
    People fully hear and support each other and let new ideas IN instead of ruling out and defending against why things won’t work.
  • Eliminate Management by Distrust
    Help your team learn to manage themselves and others through encouragement, not suspicion.
  • Create Good Habits in New Managers
    Establishing a culture of coaching, instead of managing, in new managers creates a ripple effect up and down the management chain.
  • Slash Attrition
    Use proven techniques to reduce turnover by creating an environment of cooperation and team reward.

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Enhancing Other Business Success

The Coaching Institute’s programs are a great supplement to the existing skills of other types of business owners, such as consultants, therapists, chiropractors, trainers, speakers, copywriters, massage therapists, etc. Adding coaching skills will help these business owners:

  • Handle Tough Situations Better
    Armed with coaching skills, you will know how to gracefully handle uncomfortable and tough situations.
  • Assist Your Clients Even More
    By learning coaching skills, you will know how to move your clients forward in new ways.
  • Personal Coaching Is A Natural Adjunct To Many Current Practitioners
    By learning coaching skills, you will add an extra revenue stream to your traditional practice. You can help clients gain more clarity, explore the dynamics that make up their lives and assist clients to set goals and reach them faster and easier.
  • Business Coaching Is a Perfect Addition To Many Businesses
    You already know the problems associated with running your own business. Owing a operating your current business you can teach others how to lead better, market, sell and operate their businesses too.

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I am thoroughly enjoying my learning experience with The Coaching Institute. Thanks to this awesome program, I am focused on stepping down from corporate life early next year and pursuing a meaningful, profitable vocation where I am living the life I love. My mentor, Antoine Albert, is phenomenal and I am extremely grateful to interact with him. I highly recommend The Coaching Institute to my friends & associates who elude their life is not satisfying.

- Mark Semple
Pendleton, IN, Graduate

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