Read what some of our graduates say about their studies at The Coaching Institute.

I must tell you that it has been a long time that I have been so excited and focused on an endeavor as when I enrolled in the VIP program of the Coaching Institute. Your book “Coaching for an Extraordinary Life” was awesome. Honestly, it read like a novel. Never did I imagine any program giving me the support that I have been getting from your program. Jo, my Certified Personal Coach Trainer is a wonderful match and is inspiring.

Thank You
Regina Tierney

When I discovered the world of coaching I enrolled in The Coaching Institute and began my journey and changed my income and my life. Now I help others live the life they love.

Mark Semple CCC

I am a former student of Terri’s coach training program and a former coaching client of hers. Terri was instrumental in gently nudging me to take the first initial steps toward transitioning from an intense 15-year career as a corporate attorney to a new career in executive search and career consulting. I don’t know if I would have been able to effectively follow through on those first few steps had it not been for the coach training classes and personal coaching sessions with Terri, and the transformational mindset shifts they engendered in me. I recommend Terri and her services emphatically and unequivocally.

Dimitri Mastrocola

Thank you for an incredible experience. I looked long and hard for a coach training program that would emphasize marketing as much as coaching. After all, what good is a great coach who can’t be found??? The Coaching Institute provided the perfect blend. Thanks for making coach training so darn much fun! PS: My coaching business is already soaring…through your powerful partnering and referral, I found an immediate stream of clients.

Cynthia Phifer
Virginia Beach, VA

What is really unique about the Coaching Institute program is it not only teaches you the skills to be an excellent coach but also teaches you the skills to market your business. I use all of these skills in all aspects of my business.

Linda Harkcom
Mt. Pleasant, PA

I did not even know that there was a way through my confusion of career pathways, until I became a part of The Coaching Institute. I have grown in professional confidence and strength far beyond the lessons taught in the virtual classroom. Terri’s own experience and integrity as well as her unparalleled curriculum-driven training have ignited a flame of passion and intention within me, which even my graduate school training could not do.

Melissa Williams
Boise, ID

Thank you for the experience. At the risk of sounding like a “brown noser” … I do have to say this last 8 months was a rigorous process, deeply educational, and rewarding. The training was always a pleasant and learning experience … very empowering, encouraging, and it challenged me.

The coaching curriculum and marketing modules were exceptionally enlightening, offering a wealth of information that I had not considered each time I “tuned-in”, causing me to look beyond my immediate scope of ideas, challenged me to find further educational pools to increase my credibility (and visibility). During this process I redesigned my website; designed a meaningful business card (5 a day go out), and built a monthly newsletter (with an increasing pool of participants); starting writing a book on relationships (with one on parenting to follow); continue to build my practice (grossing $11,000.00 more just months after starting my business), and I’m continuing to learn from my clients each and every day.

Ronald Shepard,
Barre, VT

Dear Terri,

It was right around this time 2 years ago I started researching the idea of becoming a coach. Through a round about way I ended up subscribing to your newsletter. I liked it, but I also felt that you were way out of my league in terms of the amount of money you were/are making as a coach and that this was not for me. I felt the jump from where I was to where you were to big for me. I now know this was a limiting belief that said I could never attain that kind of success in business. I kept meaning to unsubscribe, but never did (the universe at work, no doubt).

Then in March of last year I attended one of your teleclasses – The 6 Mistakes New Coaches Make When Starting Their Business (or something like that). It “spoke” to me. Or rather, YOU spoke to me. I knew I needed to be part of The Coaching Institute. I knew, for some reason, deep in my heart I was in the right place and to say no would be the 7th mistake. I knew that if I wanted to create a grow a successful business I needed to play with the big kids. I knew I needed to have the guidance of someone who was already doing what I wanted to be doing…and doing it VERY successfully. And so it was with a great deal of fear in the forefront… I became a student of The Coaching Institute.

Where am I now? Light years from where I was. You have shown me that the more I embrace the concepts, systems, and techniques you teach, the more successful I am. You have given me the tools, the support, and the encouragement to move forward, stretch, and get out of my own way. I have learned that I can have it all… I can create it all. The only thing standing in my way is my limiting beliefs. Shift those and it’s all there waiting for me.

Terri… I admire who you are and what you have taught me and continue to teach me. And… I aspire to create a business that is completely fulfilling and will allow me to live the life and lifestyle of my dreams. With your guidance I am well on my way already.

I want you to know how much I appreciate having you in my life a nd how grateful I am to you for creating the community I am a part of. It is because of you that I have met some extraordinary people with whom I have developed friendships.

I am laying the foundation for extraordinary success and I am loving this journey, trusting the process, and enjoying the adventure. Thank you for opening this door for me. I am so glad I chose to walk through.

In deep gratitude and warmth,

Karen Cross
British Columbia, Canada

Terri Levine’s Coaching Institute is the finest Training Program. I have been trained in Europe, Canada and the USA, and The Coaching Institute program is the most sophisticated program that teaches you an amazing curriculum, involving not only a great technique but as well heart, compassion and an outstanding marketing program.

I highly recommend The Coaching Institute. Having completed other coaching certifications before, I was always looking for that last missing piece. The Coaching Institute is above any other programs I have worked with before. Not only are coaches taught an exceptional curriculum, but they get as well priceless lessons in marketing and access to many other coaches and resources. Terri’s approach to coaching is sincere and includes all aspects of a person. The ultimate gift of The Coaching Institute is that even after graduating from the Institute, you still get the full support and advice including the newest coaching products and techniques on the market.

Helena Nyman
Mineral, VA

Terri, “Thank you” seems so inadequate, so I’m hoping to express my eternal gratitude to you, The Coaching Institute program, staff and the whole CoachInstitute.com family by being the best and most successful life coach I can be and the kind of life coach that you and The Coaching Institute community will be proud to claim as one of theirs. Thank you for my new life.

Vicki Lennox -
Brisbane, Qld, Australia

I want to share with you what The Coaching Institute [CI] has come to mean to me over the year I have been part of the community of exceptional individuals.

First of all Terri you are the main reason I joined The Coaching Institute, as I was looking for a training program that was taught hands on from the founder of the school, not some trickled down version of the founder. Your hands on approach of your systems that made you such a success is exactly why I joined The Coaching Institute for my coach training.

Then the support I received as a newbie coach was phenomenal from the Forum community of new and seasoned coaches that provided a safe place to explore and discover what worked and didn’t work in my process of becoming an awesome coach was priceless as well. I have made such close friendships more like sisters and brothers while participating on the forum with other coaches in all levels of growth. Also the mentor/coach program to practice my learned skills and tools with and also work thru my own issues that were blocking me was so instrumental to my success as well. I have spoke to many other coaches who were in other programs, and what I discovered was other programs may have had some of your pieces in their training but none, I repeat none had the total package of creating a successful coaching career. I feel so confident as I am building my coaching practice as I have all I need to become more and more successful as a coach. Unlike many other coaches I have met who are struggling to build a livelihood from their coaching I am now creating that income. It is effortless and I feel great. Don’t get me wrong I had challenges yet really they were my inner challenges that in order for me to become this strong of a coach had to be dealt with and your program did just that, it created the space to grow and change, and the knowledge to apply in my own life and my clients to create an aw some combination of personal successes and professional successes.

Terri I feeeeeeeeeeeeeel wonderful and confident I am a wonderful coach for my clients and to have the most incredible life ever.

Thank you!!!

BarBara Whorley
Mission Viejo, CA

Hi Terri,

Want to drop you a quick note of thanks for all you do and all I’ve learned from you and the Coach Institute.

Last month I manifested a very special partnership with Ben Mack, the author of Think Two Products Ahead: Secrets the Big Advertising Agencies Don’t Want You to Know and How to Use Them for Bigger Profits.

This is a direct result of CI coach training and taking action on my observations of you and your business. (The whole Night Owl e-book project played a key role too.)…

Thanks Terri.

With Abundance and Gratitude,
Mark Horn
Lima, OH

Thank you for changing my life!

I opened my heart, and the universe spoke. I am so happy that I found The Coaching Institute. The Coaching Institute taught me to live life on purpose with joy an intention — to rejoice in my blessings and to be grateful and kind. I now know that my purpose is to inspire people and help them see the brilliance in themselves. I am now touching the lives of others by being a coach. lives of many others…

Inspired by you,
Kathleen Berry
Norristown, PA

The Coaching Institute has given me a lot of confidence! I have learned so much through The Coaching Institute and t enjoyed every minute of it!!!

So I thank you with all my heart for helping me find my purpose in life.

With love and great respect,
Elenitsa Potamitou (from Cyprus)

I’ve wanted a home-based business for at least 5 years. I tried Network Marketing twice thinking that it was the answer but it wasn’t. I wanted to be able to make a contribution to the world doing something that I loved and make a lot of money doing it. I wanted to be able to set my own hours and break free of the tyranny of corporate life. I was tired of the pressure between wanting to serve my customers and being forced to cut corners to make more money for the company. When I saw the freedom that coaching could give me coupled with the opportunity to help other people improve their lives I knew coaching was right for me. It was a decision that I will never regret….

I didn’t choose the Coaching Institute. It was the only one I considered when I was looking for training. I didn’t even know any others existed since I hadn’t researched them. I joined because I had been receiving your newsletters for several years by that point and I respected what you stood for and how you communicated with your audience. I found a community I knew I could belong to and I’ve never doubted that it was the best decision I ever made….

I have learned more about myself and grown more as a person in the past year than I ever have before. I’ve learned that I don’t have to be scared of marketing. I also learned about a personality trait that I have that explains my whole life. This is the biggest thing I have learned about myself in 20 years. Through the Coaching Institute I have made amazing connections with wonderful people and have formed lifelong friendships. I’ve had great opportunities come my way and have taken advantage of them to stretch out of my comfort zone. My successes are starting to pile up and that is a great feeling.

As for Terri Levine, without her and her amazing staff there would be no Coaching Institute. I am eternally grateful to Terri and the Coaching Institute for providing this opportunity to change my life forever!

Martyn Dell
Ontario, Canada

Terri Levine’s Coaching Instruction is wonderful! This is the door to the world of your creation. Terri’s realistic approach to finding the truth that motivates you is penetratingly insightful. This is the perfect program for the coach looking to launch a business with infinite potential. Terri provides the competencies, coaches and resources to take internal coaching ‘thought’ for manifestation in the material world. All the tools you could ever hope to find starts here. My experience coaching actors and creative artists leads me to compare entering this program to taking the first day of magical studies with Harry Potter and his friends, or to re-create the “Matrix” of your life as you see fit. This is feeling of a ‘charmed’ life – sound strange? When you take the leap, wings will grow on the way down. Something will be different. ‘Knock-knock!’ Thanks, Terri, I’m so grateful!

Mike Shoeman
Fairview Village, PA

The Coaching Institute was such an exciting program to go through as you have so many ways to learn. There is the manual, the recorded classes from Terri, the forum, your coach, and even the wonderful friendships you build as being a part of the Coaching Institute. It is an awesome experience! You will want to be a part of this if you are becoming a coach or even to build continued coaching skills!

Laura Johnson
Richardson, TX

I just wanted to share with you…Client number 3 has been confirmed…AND she is hiring me to do some group coaching for her staff as well as the full 8 month program for her…

IT WORKS…the whole Coaching Institute system that Terri is teaching… if I can do it so can you…

With great gratitude

Vicki McMahon
British Columbia, Canada

This is the career I am passionate about – I know it’s my life purpose. The Coaching Institute is amazing and my mentor keeps me on track. Thank you for giving us so much!

Christine Brogan
Phoenix, Arizona

Terri, thank you in advance for your great support. Getting back into the coaching after a few years of family care giving could have been difficult. Attracting you and your team, the awesome coaching program that you have put together, and the synergy of resources is miraculous. The contributions you are proving will flow through me to others, so WE are making a difference in the world through coaching.

Richard Mac Farlane
Lemoyne, PA

I have appreciated everything I received from The Coaching Institute programs. You are one of the most abundant thinking people I have ever met in my life. This abundance I observe is not just in your words which pretty much anyone can speak. It’s in your actions, your responsiveness to people, your ease in promoting others. Your entire way of doing business is completely a model for abundance.

My goal is to “attract” this level of abundance into my mind and behavior so my business will explode, my relationships can abound with joy, and my opportunities for more will expand at the speed of lightning. This is the influence you have over the world. I’m thankful I got into your “space” thoroughly enough to catch a wider vision of abundance and possibility than I had known previously. I’m thankful you created a business and pursued it passionately enough to have it grow enough for me to have discovered it so I could discover first hand the power of abundance and what it attracts! I feel moved at this very moment as I realize my words can only convey a particle of what I truly see in what you have created with your life. Thank you Terri!

Juanita Bellavance
Cumming, Georgia

AsAs a recent graduate of the The Coaching Institute I fully endorse it as a comprehensive, educational and dynamic learning experience. The staff is knowledgeable and attentive to individual student needs. While I found the experience valuable and worthwhile on many levels, the time I spent with my mentor served me best. I highly recommend this training to anyone considering becoming a life coach.

Marisa Gonzalez
Ridgewood, NJ

I stumbled upon The Coaching Institute last September. While attending an ICF Conference in New York City, she was one of the speakers and I picked up her F.R.E.E. CD on making $100,000 this year. Well, needless to say, that caught my attention! She sure is a great sales person, because I was jumping out of my seat ready to join her program before I was even done listening to the CD. I am so glad I made the decision to join. This is part of the journey I am on and it’s the step that was missing for me… marketing know-how! After joining, I recognized the added benefit of the coaching curriculum which I find fabulous. It is a perfect add-on to my previous coaching training. Another great benefit for me was connecting with so many wonderful coaches on the forum. This community of supportive people along with Terri have made a significant, positive impact on my coaching and my business. Thank you!

Ellie Wellwood
Poughkeepsie, NY

I would like to take this opportunity to comment on Ellen as a coach and mentor. She has been great to work with. Her coaching skills are top notch and her insights have really made a difference in my coaching development. There were some tough moments for me during the course and Ellen was instrumental in keeping me focused and on track. I am very grateful to have been assigned to her.

Julianne Franke
Lawrenceville, GA

I held my first 7 Roadblocks talk!! (Overcoming the 7 Roadblocks to Moving Forward in Your Life) It was very interactive, people sharing & offering help to one another. The talk generated a group coaching session, as well as, 3 new clients for me!! I feel awesome!! Making the decision to join Coaching Institute was the best and I’m truly grateful to have learned so much!! Truly a great fit for me!! Thank you Terri from the bottom of my grateful heart!! There’s ton’s more going on with me, I’ll keep you posted as it unfolds.

Susie Mobley
Union City, GA

Terri’s selfless dedication to her own professional development, to the students in her Coach Institute program, and to anyone who contacts her serves to develop the profession of Coaching globally!

Judith Richardson
Nova Scotia, Canada

Attending The Coaching Institute has been an enlightening experience for me, personally and professionally. In my community, people are just becoming more familiar with Life Coaching and the numerous benefits that this service provides. I wanted to have credible academic training with high standards behind my services and business. During extensive research, I found myself continuously returning to The Coaching Institute. Congratulations to Terri Levine for her extraordinary achievement in creating such a thorough program with an excellent support system!

Deana Camilli Barcz
Wyomissing, PA

I received my home study coaching program from The Coaching Institute and have spent my day looking at all of it, and began my studies.

You are so inspiring…so inspiring! Even before you mentioned listening many times to these recordings, I thought I must listen to this again and again. As a result, I feel more confident than ever that I will have (am creating) an important coaching business , making a significant contribution to myself and the world. This feels like an internal, cellular change, as you indicate, becoming part of my DNA. Hearing the classes over and over will not take away from this first feeling of total motivation and confidence. I know that I will never loose the thrill of your tone, the way you described your experiences and clearly set up the hows… but what’s most important: your sincere conviction and passion.

I do feel very much supported and capacitated. I am changing my way of thinking in such a balanced way, as my role as a coach slowly and steadily permeates every cell of my being; osmosis is clearly occurring with all these effective and clear guidelines.

Everything is progressing beautifully. Everything is just the way it should be. I feel more synchronized with the Universal flow. Louise Hay’s affirmation “Everything I need to know is revealed to me, and everything I need comes to me” is my daily reality.

I am so grateful that your program and colleagues have come into my life exactly when I was ready to discover, digest and expedite change.

Success, joy, gratitude, awareness is the only option.

Carol Baughman
Barcelona, Spain

I wanted to send you a brief note to acknowledge how much I’m gaining from your coaching program at The Coaching Institute. In the few months that I’ve been involved with The Coaching Institute, I’ve grown in ways (both professional and personal) that I never would have imagined possible. By following your specific suggestions, I’ve successfully transitioned from a full-time job to a part-time job out of my home and a practice of 5 paying clients. Since the program is self-directed, I can adjust it to suit the times I have available, which for me (as a mother of three) is truly important.

I’m in the early stages of the program yet, but with the growth I’ve already achieved, I anticipate a full practice by the time I’m halfway through the curriculum. How amazing is that? Through The Coaching Institute’s interactive forum I’ve built mentoring relationships, joint venture opportunities and an absolutely incredible level of support. The relationships I’ve grown through this program have allowed me to become part of a Mastermind Group and a Marketing Think Tank – both of which provide me with ‘out of the box’, innovative ideas and creative inspiration; I have great projects and products under way. And best of all, I’m learning to market myself, and my practice, in ways that are really fun. My clients love the well thought out, yet flexible program that you have provided me with, and because I’ve gone through the sessions I’m offering them myself, I have a clear understanding of the structure and value of what I’m giving them. I actually help my clients activate coaching skills that they can apply in their lives forever – and that makes me feel really valuable.

Thank you for the best program I’ve ever taken.

And I mean every blessed word of it! I’ve already gained so much from this program. Thanks so much.

Margot Thompson
Ontario, Canada

Dear Terri,

I am thoroughly enjoying my learning experience with The Coaching Institute. Thanks to this awesome program, I am focused on stepping down from corporate life early next year and pursuing a meaningful, profitable vocation where I am living the life I love.

I highly recommend The Coaching Institute to my friends & associates who elude their life is not satisfying.

All the best

Mark Semple
Pendleton, IN

My experience with The Coaching Institute has been ever so super. I would never have been able to quit my high paying consulting job if it weren’t for you Terri and all the supportive students at The Coaching Institute.

Dolores Arste
Middle Grove, NY

I’ve been in the program for about 3 months now, maybe a little more … and having already been certified through another coaching school … I have something to compare to. If you’re wondering if this program is worth it. ABSOLUTELY!!! And no one paid me to say that…

Since I’ve been in this program, I have daily changes in my thinking, planning, and development. There is no doubt this is an exciting business to get into, even though there’s lots of work. And it’s a business venture that is not yet mainstream, which in itself presents challenges. Terri continuously remind us of how easy it is to get into a funky place with our thinking and the importance of being in a good place, reminding ourselves that “failure is not an option.”

The Coaching Institute program has GREAT information about the process of change and how we can utilize that in coaching our clients. I did NOT get that in my previous coaching education. Great information.

Ron Shepard
Barre, VT

Hi Terri,

Today was the conclusion of my coaching sessions with Ellen Cahill today. Ellen is the best! As my coach I always experienced her dedication to the profession of coaching. I am prepared for the certification exam, thanks to Ellen, and feel very confident in my ability as a coach.

Judith Simons
Houston, TX

My second CC has attracted a wonderful client. She’s set to get started on September 19 with the 8 month program. I gifted her with registration in my 4 week group program (Inner Game of Business).


Oh, and Juanita…thank you for that. I want more CC’s…lots of them! They are fun, and I feel really good when I complete them. And I see my calendar filling up quickly and effortlessly with them!


Velma Gallant
Calgary, AB, Canada

Hi Terri,

I also have to say, that the information from The Coaching Institute is the best. I could never be where I am now without this training.

Dolores Arste

Hi Terri,

I can’t say enough about The Coaching Institute program, both the content and the marketing advice! It’s way ahead of anything I’ve heard before. Keep up the great work!

Mino Sullivan


I can’t thank you enough for asking David to be my coach. What an extraordinary man.

You know, I’ve been a seeker all my life and over the past year have done a lot of work on myself. But it’s just been in the last couple of months that it has all started making sense and I started believing that if I asked and believed, the universe would provide what I asked for. And since I started to really believe, wonderful things keep happening. Getting an email about you certainly fit that pattern.

And now David. He is living the life I want to live. So the universe has given me the mentor who can take me where I want to go. If only people understood how wonderful life can be when you start believing that life is wonderful, right now, whatever is gong on. And I feel more than ever that my mission is to help others learn how to live the life they would love to lead

Thank you,
Allan Gold

I want you to know how I truly feel about my first contact with The Coaching Institute.

Everywhere I look, …from your website to the material that I have received, everything up to the last detail is with an aura of positive energy.

Not only it seems in all probabilities that you certainly teach how to do things right but it is very obvious to me that you apply what you know for your own organization. the same theories and best practices that you developed are combined here. No doubts!

In other words one is certainly a positive evidence of the other. I am on fire to be involved asap!

Warmest Regards,
John Pierre Quesnel

Just wanted to tell you how AWESOME working with Sue [my mentor coach] has been for me. We connected from the very 1st call and I feel like I’ve not only gained a phenomenal coach but a lifelong friend. Thank you for being supportive when I needed a change.

With light & love,
Lisa Miles Brady
Xtreme Self-Care Coach

I’m a real “newbie” to The Coaching Institute. I am so excited and honored to be accepted to become a Coaching Institute student and to be in the fold of such a wonderful organization. Terri Levine is an amazing woman with a vision and program that is absolutely amazing.

The dealings I have had with The Coaching Institute support staff is exceptionally efficient and friendly…all my questions have been answered very rapidly… I just cannot say enough about my feelings of being welcomed into the fold; it had been a great experience. I feel such warmth, encouragement and connection.

If you are a new coach, you’ve found a great place to learn; if you are already a coach, like me, who feels the need to learn more to increase your overall effectiveness and future prosperity, please do yourself a favor and join.

I am sure you will not regret your educational experience, and that you will acquire many blessings from your affiliation.

Lynda Nurenberg, MHA

I’m bursting to let you know that my first conditional consultation yesterday was successful! I have a new client and she is paying up front for the whole 8-month program. The best part is that I felt that shift during the session into truly coaching her from the heart and I felt her shift into a new place. She opened up to feeling where she had been locked into crisp Intellectual efficiency before that. I am so grateful for the way you were there for me yesterday when I needed support and confidence building. I don’t know how you are always there for me when I need you, but you are – it must be the power of strong intention that you hold.

I want to tell all the other students of this program who may be hesitating about giving their first conditional consultation that this process works, and the support Terri works. I have definitely moved to a whole new level. The coaching call was easy to do; it felt lovely because I knew I could really offer enormous value to this client. I had the security of a series of steps to move through but not as a rigid script. The process came alive as I used the tuning skills and listened from the heart. Then my intuition took over and I was able to be with the client in a very human way from the heart. Wow! It’s amazing!

I have an 8-month program and people are signing up for it and paying in advance! It’s awesome how quickly I am in a realm of expanded possibilities. Thank you Terri for giving your wisdom so generously and effectively via this magnificent program.

PS – Please let people know I am happy to talk one-to-one if anyone thinks it might help with their first coaching client.

Alice Aird
Life Energy Coaching

Dear Terri,

I just sat in on the curriculum teleclass where you presented the overview for a Conditional Consult. Despite pushing 4 a dozen times to unmute, it appears I could not be heard. I wanted to thank you for the information. My golden nugget from the call today to share is:


Holding the space for another person to gain insight and perspective, while providing support, is a wonderful thing and resonates with me deeply. Thank you for this program and for all that you bring. I truly feel like I’m stepping onto a path that is my destiny.

Patti Wagner
Rutherfordton, NC

I so enjoy The Coaching Institute. I keep remarking to my husband, this was worth every penny invested and more. (if he had any doubts – grin)”

I really like and resonate with your style. I like to give very specific, clear, and precise, right down to the words value when I am sharing and teaching someone. You do this so well, it is nice to see someone else take this kind of time and effort to really give and teach what you know and pass it on to the benefit of others.

Jo Romano
Montpelier, VT

It is evident that you are giving so much of yourself for the benefit of your students. The Coaching Institute is dynamic.

New ideas, fresh perspectives and clarity of new insights.


I really appreciate The Coaching Institute. When I found your website, I KNEW this was the right program – it’s ‘touchy/feely’ (hands-on) which I love! But as soon as I signed up, I went into the fear of I made the wrong decision. I had gotten caught up in a fear of – did I make the right decision – will I have the ‘right’ credentials when I’m done, etc…

I have done some more reading about who you are and I realize that it’s just my fear. A fear of being ‘duped’. It’s happened before, recently. I know I haven’t been. I know you are really who you say you are and are helping each of us immensely. I have all the faith in the world that Terri is genuine and this is a very special and unique opportunity.

My energy is shifted and it feels SO good!!! I thank you for the opportunity to bring up that fear and work through it. Thank you for the wonderful mentors who I could go right from the training call to talk to and discuss my fears. My mentor helps me get back on track.

I’m just extremely grateful for this opportunity. The above was probably rambling, but I needed to share. I know this is the career I am passionate about – I know it’s my life purpose.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Wow – The Coaching Institute marketing and curriculum modules are truly powerful. Coaches and mentors in your program are truly blessed to benefit from your experiences. Your step-by-step approach makes it easier to build your practice and provide clients with greater value. I connect with coaches from other schools. They need to watch out. You blow them out of the water!

Ellen Cahill
Richboro, PA

You are the founder and president of the best, most valuable, highest integrity coach training organization anywhere. I am proud to be a part of your organization and consider you my friend.

Rachna Jain, Ph.D.

I know that personally the coursework I’ve completed has helped me tremendously as an internal coach… Terri, I believe you have a great program. It teaches coaches how to deal with clients morally, ethically, empathetically, honestly; exactly how I would want to be treated as a client, and how I am treated by all in your organization.

Mick Mickler

I know that personally the coursework I’ve completed has helped me tremendously as an internal coach… Terri, I believe you have a great program. It teaches coaches how to deal with clients morally, ethically, empathetically, honestly; exactly how I would want to be treated as a client, and how I am treated by all in your organization.

Jim Horton

I want to let you know that I have found The Coaching Institute experience to be incredible! And because I think that the training I have received at The Coaching Institute has been so valuable, it concerns me that there are people out there who represent themselves as coaches who don’t have it!

Judith Richardson

As as student I recognize that The Coaching Institute is topnotch, that it has changed my life significantly.

Susan Martin

We, the students, recognize that it (CI) is topnotch, that it has changed our lives significantly.

Carol Hayes

My experience has been simply wonderful. The quality of The Coaching Institute coach-training program is outstanding, and the caring and commitment of their instructors is unmatched. Terri Levine and her associates have created a world-class training institute. I am continually amazed at how much I have grown personally and professionally.

Robert Dey

My experience has been simply wonderful. The quality of their coach-training program is outstanding, and the caring and commitment of their instructors is unmatched. Terri Levine and her associates have created a world-class training institute. I am continually amazed at how much I have grown personally and professionally.

Barry Silverman, MSW

This program has provided me with a way of transferring existing skills and developing new ones so that I could enter the wonderful world of coaching. The top notch, caring instructors contributed to the excellent education that I received. I have also made friends through this program that I know I will have for a lifetime.

Lynne Klippel

This has been one of the best experiences of my life. From the passionate, dedicated instructors to the small, intimate groups it has give me a truly unique learning experience. I’ve never met a more supportive group of people.


Cheryl Sinclair

This has been one of the best experiences of my life. From the passionate, dedicated instructors to the small, intimate groups it has give me a truly unique learning experience. I’ve never met a more supportive group of people. Thanks!

Jim Donovan, Author and Coach

Terri’s Coach Institute coaching programs are absolutely amazing. Thanks to her step-by-step programs, I have achieved my biggest month and biggest year ever. Thanks Terri!

Joanne Daykin

Terri’s coaching success programs are absolutely amazing. Thanks to her step-by-step programs, I have achieved my biggest month and biggest year ever. Thanks Terri!

Karen M. Silins

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