What Makes The Coaching Institute Unique
Is What Will Make YOU A Coach With a Secure Future

  • You get to learn, not only coaching skills, but also marketing & business skills. Without all of these components, you cannot have a financially lucrative coaching practice. That’s why graduates of other coaching schools make less than $20,000/year, while coaches trained by The Coaching Institute earn an average of $125 per hour.
  • You can feel secure that the investment in your training is taken only with the intention of your success. The founder and owner of The Coaching Institute has made and continues to make millions from her own lucrative coaching business. Many other coaching schools are in business to make money from their coaching schools, but have not made decent incomes from their own coaching businesses. The Coaching Institute founder, Terri Levine gives most of the profits from The Coaching Institute to her foundation www.TerriLevineFoundationforChildrenwithRSD.org and earns her personal income from her coaching business. She offers her coach training programs because she dislikes how other schools teach coaching and she feels they aren’t in integrity because they haven’t earned a sizeable income from their own coaching businesses and don’t teach their students proven marketing that results in income to their students.
  • You get to learn from one of the most highly sought after and successful coaches in the world. The founder of The Coaching Institute, Terri Levine, was named top female coach in the US in 2011 and one of the top 10 coaches in the world and is considered The Guru of Coaching®. She has personally designed the coaching curriculum with the goal of training each student to have a successful and financially lucrative coaching businesses. Being certified as a Comprehensive CoachSM means you have learned the tools, systems and competencies that Terri created and uses to run her own seven figure coaching business.
  • You get incomparable support and bonuses with your training. If you choose the VIP Coach Training Program, you will be able to participate in the student forums for 12 months, allowing you to be part of a community that supports and helps one another. In addition, with either program, you will receive many other bonuses, some of which include: 24/7 email and phone support and templates and forms galore to help you create a turnkey business.
  • You get to customize the program to your needs and learning style. If you choose the VIP Coach Training Program, you will personally design your program with the help of your mentor. Terri’s mission has always been to establish a coaching school that does not offer a one-size-fits-all program. The Coaching Institute’s individualized coach training cannot be compared to any other coach training program because it does not offer classes or group training – it provides individual, customized learning dialogues.
  • You get to graduate alongside the top coaches in the profession. Our programs are internationally recognized because of the outstanding coaching our graduates do – They are among the top coaches in the world. By providing an exclusive and powerful one-to-one mentor, we are able to give you the best coach training experience available.
  • You get to take part in the program no matter where you are in your career. Our coach-training program provides the most thorough curriculum for people who have no coaching experience as well as for current coaches who do not have the solid training they need or desire to create outcomes.
  • You get to save yourself time since you don’t have to attend classes, teleclasses or fly anywhere, etc. You take our course at your own pace, on your own time, in the comfort of your own home (or wherever you choose).
  • You get to enjoy affordable enrollment … far less than most coach training programs. And you get to decide if you want to learn through the home study or VIP mentoring program.

Thank you for an incredible experience. I looked long and hard for a coach training program that would emphasize marketing as much as coaching. After all, what good is a great coach who can’t be found???
You provided the perfect blend. You have the unique ability to capture the listener’s attention with terrific delivery while providing meaningful, thought-provoking content. I often hear echoes of “T” as I am coaching my clients. Just as you suggested, when a client sets a goal of mastering time management or marketing, I find myself paying more attention to fine-tuning that skill in my own life. Thanks for giving so much of yourself, and for making coach training so darn much fun!

PS: My coaching business is already soaring…through your powerful partnering and referral, I found an immediate stream of clients.

- Cynthia Phifer
Graduate, Virginia Beach, VA

The Coaching Institute will give you:

  • All the skills to be a great coach
  • All the business skills you need to run a successful coaching business
  • The information needed to set up your coaching business
  • The skills to easily get paying clients fast
  • Extraordinary Comprehensive techniques and tools
  • Industry proven techniques to get outcomes with your clients
  • A Comprehensive Coach CertificationSM that will separate you from the rest of the pack

This powerful, individualized, one-to-one coach training makes sure you learn only what you need and nothing redundant, so you save time.

If you want a customized program designed to meet your specific learning style, then this program is for you. Instead of the traditional mass training of coaches, you will be given individual attention and care by our superior faculty.

Terri Levine’s Coaching Institute is the finest Training Program I have been working with since 1980. I have been trained in Europe, Canada and the USA, and Terri’s Program is the most sophisticated program that teaches you an amazing curriculum, involving not only a great technique but as well heart, compassion and an outstanding Marketing Program.
I highly recommend Terri Levine’s Coaching Program. Having completed other Coaching Certifications before, I was always looking for that last missing piece. Terri’s Program is above any other Programs I have worked with before. Not only are Coaches taught an exceptional Curriculum, but they get as well priceless lessons in Marketing and access to many other Coaches and Resources. Terri’s approach to coaching is sincere and includes all aspects of a person. The ultimate Gift of Terri’s Coaching Institute is that even after graduating from her Institute, you still get the full Support and Advice including the newest Coaching Products and Techniques on the Market.

- Helena Nyman
Graduate, Mineral, VA

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