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Is The Coaching Institute a good choice when it comes to coach training?

The Coaching Institute is the only school that teaches not only the core coaching skills, but also the marketing strategies and business skills to be able to have a lucrative coaching business. It is the only coach training school that provides everything you need in one place, so you literally don’t need to spend another dime on any other programs or courses.

The Coaching Institute is also the only coach training school whose founder and creator earns a seven figure income from her own coaching business. By becoming one of her students, you are welcomed into a community that cares about your success, and that will support you every step of the way. To learn more about what makes The Coaching Institute unique, visit the Why The Coaching Institute page.
Is a certification from The Coaching Institute a recognized credential?

Contrary to the myth, there is not one coaching association or body that is recognized by any state or federal government around the world.

Companies and organizations around the world recognize the Certified Comprehensive Coach ™certification. My name and reputation, as represented by certification from my coach-training program, will give you credibility and recognition as a highly trained competent practitioner.

When you graduate and receive this designation you will have the right to use the Certified Comprehensive CoachSM designation logo on promotional material. By displaying this credential and logo on your business cards, brochure and website, you’ll be recognized as an industry expert and capture more clients. The Certified Comprehensive CoachSM designation, says that you have graduated from the world’s best coach training.
Is the business of coaching going to work in a recession?

Coaching in a recession works really well because it is a time when there are so many people looking for direction in their lives. They may have lost a job, and will look to a coach to help them discover a new career path. Businesses may be failing, and they will turn to a coach to help them increase profits or employee morale. Relationships may be failing due to hardships created by lack of money, and they will turn to a relationship coach to help them salvage their relationship. And people in general are often fearful of what the future holds and less satisfied with where they are in their life, and they turn to a personal coach to help them renew their passions and to give them direction.
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