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What is Coaching?
Coaching comes in many forms, making it a business that you can easily tailor to your personal skills and tastes. Some forms of coaching include: personal coaching, business coaching, career coaching, corporate coaching, sales coaching and executive coaching.

No matter the niche, coaching is all based on the same principles. These principles come from the fields of training, education, psychology and sports coaching.

In sports coaching, the role of the coach is to push the athlete to achieve optimum performance and to help them overcome obstacles and achieve success. If you ever worked with a personal trainer you know they push you harder than you would on your own and they get you to work out even when you don’t want to.

A personal coach, business coach or any other type of coach does the same. Coaches provide guidance, support, motivation and, most of all, accountability.

Some coaches choose to focus on businesses to help them achieve better sales, marketing, team building, management, etc. Other coaches assist people in personal areas like spiritual growth, life purpose, relationships, communication, weight loss, etc.

A business coach works with businesses to be more successful in the game of business, and a personal coach works with individuals to be more successful in the game of life. Executive coaches work with all types of leaders (not only executives). The focus of executive or corporate coaching is on the issues that come from leading people and working with teams of people.

All coaches are non-critical and non-judgmental. They are deep listeners and deep questioners. Coaches use these core coaching skills to support individuals and groups to achieve more than they ever could on their own. Most coaches even hire coaches for themselves because they realize that even though they may know the skills of coaching, they still need someone there to push them to do more than they will on their own.

Coaches are not therapists and they do not deal with mental health issues or looking to the past, but instead, they deal with the present, using strategies and tactics that will help the business or the individual grow forward. These are powerful skills that go far beyond what most people do naturally, and The Coaching Institute will help you learn these core coaching skills while encouraging you to develop your own unique style.

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